Ukraine aid in Moldova

We are all shocked by Putin’s Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. It took us a few days to figure out what our answer to this could be. Our board member Julian lives in the neighboring country Moldova and is now looking for support to make abandoned or half-abandoned houses in Moldova temporarily habitable and to accommodate Ukrainian families there.

Update 20th of January 2023: Report for the year 2022

Especially rural areas of Moldova have been suffering from enormous emigration over the last 30 years. In many villages, 30% of the houses are empty. Unfortunately, many houses are in poor condition. Most are unfurnished and need touch up work.

On the other hand, more and more people from Ukraine seeking protection are coming to Moldova. In the first few days, they still came in their own cars and with the desire to just catch their breath and then drive on to relatives in EU countries. Now those who actually wanted to persevere usually arrive only with light luggage. Many of these people feel comfortable in Moldova. Here in the Romanian-Russian bilingual country, they can communicate easily. As a former Soviet republic, most of the handling and infrastructure is familiar also to Ukrainians.

Moldova is not a rich state that could accommodate such a number of people seeking protection in gymnasiums etc. without the help of the citizens. In addition to that, it is mainly women with children who come. We want to work to keep the trauma of the children as small as possible. In a mass accommodation, you can hardly tell the children that everything is ok. In a house with warm food on the table and a sofa, this is much more likely.

We have so far identified 5 villages in Moldova in which we want to make several such abandoned houses fit – for families from the Ukraine, who then have a place to stay there in the medium term: Riscova, Floreni, Volintiri, Hirtop and Cociulia – we have in these villages good friends who can coordinate the work on site. We will be documenting the houses and the works here on this page and are now looking for:

Donations to finance the work on the houses. On some houses we have to replace the roof, others need a heating system. Still others just need to be cleaned up or new windows. We also have to finance the aid transports from Germany.

Godparenthood: We are looking for people in Germany who would like to directly support a Moldovan family in taking in refugees. We can set up a direct contact if you wish. Background: Many Ukrainian refugees do not want to go far. In Germany, a refugee costs the state about €30 per day in mass accommodation. We are trying – with your help – to do this cheaper, more effectively and more family-friendly. You finance energy costs and food where it is necessary.
You can register here (form yet only in German):

Craftsmen are wanted! Anyone who would like to lend a hand with technical skills of any kind is welcome to contact Julian.

Donations in kind: Although the markets are full in Moldova, there is no second-hand market. On the other hand, there is a wide range of furnishings in Germany. Currently we need: beds, mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, duvet covers, chairs, tables, cupboards Please no bulky waste here! The transport would be too expensive for that. It is best to disassemble everything, stick it together with adhesive tape, attach a bag of screws together with a picture of the assembled state. We are currently working on collection points in some German cities.

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